Welcome to the product blog of Mobysaurus – free English thesaurus for all

This blog serves four main purposes:

1. Help you get notified about updates.

2. Publish tips and tricks to facilitate your everyday usage of Mobysaurus.

3. For any user who wants to report bugs in the program or any inconsistency in databases, this is the right place if you would not like notify the author via e-mail.

4. Encourage any user to express their thoughts and feelings about the product (advices, wishes, critics, etc.). Anonymous commenting is always supported here.
The goal of Project Mobysaurus is to provide people with the best free English thesaurus, and it is the intention of the initiator to do everything possible to give people a boost to find the most desired word or words.

Mobysaurus is a newborn freeware, therefore your support will be of extra importance to us.

Mobysaurus will always remain not-for-profit and totally free (and ad-free) for those related to not-for-profit organizations, public sector, and educational institutes, etc.


2 Responses to 'About'

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  1. art said,

    cannot operate programme as my computer is not networked. Is there any solution to the problem. If so what must i do.
    Trust you can help me. Thanks, Art

  2. Anderson said,

    To art: Thanks for you trust.

    Mobysaurus does NOt require any network connection to run, so you can operate it as long as your system meet its basic requirements. Mobysaurus is perfectly offline program.

    But I don’t think I can help when you cannot access the download page, which is located at:

    Maybe you can download it via another networked computer and copy it locally onto your removable storage and transfer it to your computer? 🙂

    Be sure to get .NET Framework at the same time as it’s one of the requirements.

    Contact me at if something else I can help.

    Happy New Year!


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