The Return of Roget’s — Mobysaurus V1.8

Posted in Uncategorized by Anderson on December 18, 2005

What’ new?

1. V1.8 totally integrated the complete Roget’s Thesaurus into the fully searchable database, while also includes it in the references menu.

2. All user customizations and settings now “stick”.

3. Multiple additional functions.

Bug fixes:

1. Handy Moby (V1.7, when running) may interfere with system shutdown process in some cases. This is a programming mistake, and sorry for the inconvenience. Version 1.8 was more strictly tested in every aspect it could possibly go wrong before the release.

Author’s Notes:
Although Roget’s original idea of thesaurus compilation is not longer generally accepted by today’s publishers, his thesaurus still remains an effective and handy reference for many English writers. Even a very comprehenive thesaurus like Moby Thesaurus still lacks something, for it did not suggest any relationships between words beyond the simple group of synonyms listed with a main entry, it neither helped users organize thoughts nor provided broad conceptual links between ideas as expressed through language in words.

I suggest Mobysaurus users use integrated Roget’s Thesaurus as a good starting point to find their most desired words.

Two things on the wish list about Mobysaurus

(1) A comprehensive dictionary which comes with the product.

I’m planning to incorporate GNU CIDE (based on Webster’s 2nd Edition) into the program. Once done, I’ll be confident that Mobysaurus is very competitive with every commercial thesaurus program on the market.

(2) A handy index (not just a root words list, which is already out there) specific to Moby Thesaurus which can facilitate users’ organization of ideas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



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