Mobysaurus 1.65 Released Today – Feature: Comprehension + Speed + Power + Convenience + Accuracy

Posted in Uncategorized by Anderson on December 14, 2005


Based on Moby Thesaurus II (Unabridged), totaling 30,260 main entries and over 2,500,000 synonyms.
Turbo-Speed (V1.65 only):

Fast searching (improved algorithm) is the most significant feature in version 1.65 — 35%-45% faster than v1.6 in every search mode.

Enhanced Power:

Mobysaurus itself is capable of handling 6 powerful search modes, and improved Moby Buddy component helps you find all root words that relate to the one you just entered. So you have all cross-references in 3 seconds.
Additional Convenience (V1.65 only): Handy Moby is a least obtrusive system tray utility which allows you to find synonyms without having to start Mobysaurus. (Small and handy, but still provides 100% unabridged data)

Accuracy (V1.65 only):
Approximately 290 root words and 5 synonyms in the original Moby Thesaurus II were not properly hyphenated, and almost every online reference server inherits such an imperfection. For example, if the user enters “time-saving”, the server returns nothing because it knows only “time saving”. And if the query is “ill”, online servers which offer Moby Thesaurus search are least likely to offer results like “ill at ease”, “ill health”, “ill nature”, “ill off”, “ill repute”, “ill use”, “ill will”, “ill wind” — their databases are “wrongly hyphenated”.

Bug fixes:

1. Full database debugging (above-mentioned)

2. V1.65 remembers customized interface (Background color, sidebar color, and font).

Special thanks to Splitends @ for his very kind support and nice suggestions.


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