Mobysaurus 1.6 Release

Posted in Mobysaurus by Anderson on December 12, 2005

New Features:

1. Much faster search speed. Almost instant results.

2. Just-in-time spelling suggestions (Clickable)

3. Words in results now supports double-click-to-search

4. Unique Root words suggestion

Integrated Moby Buddy helps you find all the root words related to the one you just entered. This dramatically boosts the power for you. Why? Still remember the last time using a paperback thesaurus? You check a root word in one page and never will have any idea if any better synonym might appear in another page under another root word. Even with a electronic thesaurus with every cross-reference, you are still facing a labyrinth of possibilities and endless mouse clicks. But with Mobysaurus & Moby Buddy, you know them all in a spilt-second. Check them one by one or just some selections? It’s your choice alone.

5. Added “Moby Thesaurus Root Words List” in “Menu -> Tools”

Note: Version 1.6 does not integrate Roget’s Thesaurus, which is not suitable for fast database processing. If necessary, it will be re-integrated in later releases. Moby Thesaurus II is almost a full substitute for Roget’s Thesaurus.


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